About me

Marián Kováč (*1990, Banská Bystrica) graduated from the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. He began devoting himself to folklore in 1998. He began to act as a dancer and instrumentalist in the children folklore ensemble Radosť, then in the folklore ensemble Partizán.

As an independent artist, he presented Slovak folklore from Šajba in Shanghai at a vernissage with the theme of traditional Slovak folklore instruments in 2014, as well as in Moscow in 2015.

He brings “Šajba’s” songs to folklore conventions of traditional folklore productions at the “Dni majstrov” organized by UĽUV. Since 2011, he has been performing at Radvanský Jarmok” every year.

“It was an honor for me to take part in the first year of “Ponická Heligónka 2018”. Here, I had the opportunity to play on stage again with my master teacher, and long-term role model, Ján Palovič (*1947, Poniky).”

Slovak choreographer, cultural and educational worker, and head of the folklore group Partizán, Igor Kovačovič (*1938, Kokava nad Rimavicou), was – and is – his long-term role model.

“Since childhood, my parents have built a relationship with folklore in me. In the second phase of my life, this relationship was developed by Elena Hlasicová (*1939, born Očenášová, Podkonice), head of DFS Radosť, and Igor Kovačovič who promoted this relationship, so that folklore became my second self. “